The Sex Pages II: Sexual Eruption

Come enjoy the final exploits and escapades of Supreme. With an appetite for the erotic, freaky and down right nastiness Supreme's tales have never been more vivid. Please be warned this is not for the faint of heart; this is not your mothers romance novel!

Within these pages there are no shades of grey only deep dark colors of erotic passion. Come experience The Sex Pages II:Sexual Eruption.

Life's Poems and The Sex Pages

Ok, I'm reloaded!!!

The original pocket rocket is back! In the spirit of the "hip-hop" generation, Supreme/Tracy took his first book to the streets. Selling copies out of the trunk of his car at neighborhood flee markets, expos, malls and street corners. Now it's reloaded and ready to take your Kindle by storm.

This collection of poetry and erotic short stories are guaranteed to make you feel "some kinda" way....

Tears of a Man

Coming soon...........

My Words.....

**ebook only**

Love shorts....: and A Life of Lies as taken from The Sex Pages II: Sexual Eruption

Words You Can Feel

In my first full novel I introduce you to, Terry and Brenda.  No one can believe how well they get along after their divorce; it even amazes the two of them sometimes.  But after Brenda has a minor car accident things change for Terry, he no longer sees Brenda as just a friend anymore; he realizes that he’s still in love with her.  But just as he is coming to this conclusion Brenda is making some discoveries of her own when she meets Artist Melvin Drake. 

With another man in the picture things get a little strained between the two.  To complicate matters even more ghosts from Terry's past are coming back to confront him and he has some tough decisions to make.

I hope you enjoy the story of Terry and Brenda as you discover what lies behind  theTears of a Man.